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Hello and welcome to my name is Denis Mériaux, I offer you a unique method to become creative and productive




 And of the adapted long formations… I will help you to carry out yourself your requirements in communication. Webinar is a fantastic tool to communicate the knowledge, it is enough to an internet connection, a screen of computer or a tablet, and of a little time in front of you each week!

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Webinar is a video conference into live on Internet with online chat real time, there will be independent complementary modules, a standard conference will be able to have between 10 and 15 modules, according to your needs, it is very flexible, learn from on your premise or since your workplace.

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I will share with you my advices, trade secrets and reflection on art to become autonomous in the production of your documents of communication, To develop your creativity, your style, your technique…. are as many topics as we will develop on this blog, in our videos and our books.

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4000 students and professionals trained in 12 years!


The experiment is not bought! If you decide to follow me
it is because I am formative and professor since 2003!


This confidence, we deserve it, by our work, our rigour, me and my team knew to bring
a real pegagogy making it possible to give to new solutions to real problems of communication, the students, with Artists, PME, TPE, Craftsmen, Auto-contractors, all those which cannot treat to an agency of communication, Free Lance or a year of additional school.

Our philosophy is simple :

To bring solutions to the problems that you are posed the every day!

Denis Mériaux


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Students trained
Clients in 15 years
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We are not born créative…

One becomes one !

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Our Services

Formation Creative is the first site to propose formation and free resources, called “Templates”, our research market us with conduit to change our model, our customers are increasingly autonomous in the management of the software tools, it appeared natural to us, to propose at the same time formations on creation and more technical parts, to accompany them in this new approach.



Remain with listening, we will work to obtain ADOBE certification! Then to assemble a file of approved training centre to train you with your rights acquired to the formation, via Pole employment or your company.

Key figures to retain about Formation Creative

More than 4,000 students and professionals trained since 12 years !
More than 500 customers of smallest to largest of which
great names like CHANEL or HEINEKEN, DDB, RSCG, etc…
3 large partners MEDIA: MaChaîneSport, MusicMediaConsulting, Universe-sons/UVI
More than 7 schools and training centres with my credit, present and last of which :
Intuit Lab, Ecole Maryse Eloy, L’Ecole Multimédia, Sup de Pub, IESA, Open Design School, Les Gobelins, Le Gréta, Delf, Orsys.


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